Mineral dust

Mineral dust is a material made by “Shchebservis” LLC. from own raw materials, crushed limestone of size 0-10. The company manufactures the dust of two types: active and non-active (with the use of activator in form of oleic acid and stearic acid and bitum). The mineral dust produced by “Shchebservis” LLC. corresponds to the requirements of the state standard of the Russian Federation (GOST R 52129-2003).

The mineral dust is actively used as the component of the asphalt-concrete and other types of organo-mineral mixes. The use of the mineral dust at asphalt production increases the density of the mineral composition and the asphalt density. The use the mineral dust in correct proportion provides for the corrosive resistance and deformational stability of the asphalt covering. Its high hydrophobic behavior allows the mineral dust to evenly spread in the bitum. Another advantage of its use is the prevention of moisture penetration and reduction of asphalt water saturation as the result of which the life cycle of road surface increases considerably. Besides, the mineral dust may be used in the asphalt concrete in which there are a lot of clay particles. The second designation of the mineral dust is the filling of small holes between big particles.

The mineral dust may also be used in the chemical industry as the filler at production of linoleum and ruberoid; as the component of the electrode-extruding compound; as the component at production of polymeric compounds and plastic materials; as the filler at production of paint products and rolled roofing materials; as the soft grinding agent; as the component at production of cleaning agents.